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drying, this is how it works

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Load the drum of an unoccupied dryer and close the door. CAUTION: DO NOT OVERLOAD THE DRYER!

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Use the dryer control panel to set the recommended temperature for the laundry. Memorise the letter of the dryer.
The maximum drying time for clothing and other textiles made of WOOL is six minutes.

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Now go to the checkout. Touch the monitor. Go to the item "Buy a drying cycle", press the dryer with the correct letter and select the duration.
You can now pay with cash or with a bank card. To do this, you must press POS. You must then confirm. We recommend our customer card, with which you can save up to 10%.
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Go back to your tumble dryer and set the recommended temperature for the wash using the tumble dryer control panel. A flashing "Star/Stop" appears on the display. Press this to start.
For clothing and other textiles made of WOOL, the maximum drying time is six

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Download our innovative app from the App Store. To use it properly, you must have a customer card and register at the checkout. Here you can see when your machines are ready and much more!

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